I Trust My God, I Trust My God, I Trust My God


Hi everyone, I am Jessica Lane Lusk. I started this blog 4-years ago, but we all know ‘life’ happens and I have not posted in a while and have recently updated my blog page.

Many of you may know I recently lost my Husband and Father of my 1-year old daughter in a tragic fishing accident this past January. The last 4-months have been some of the darkest days of my 28-years.

But God is good.

He is continuously showing me His glorious way. He is bringing me to a place of peace- That peace that surpasses all understanding really does exist. He meets us in the valley and sets us on the rock. All He asks is for us to Trust Him… Hence the new title of my Blog, I Trust My God…

I find myself- sometimes dozens of times a day repeating over and over, I Trust My God, I Trust My God, I Trust My God. It helps me. The Holy Spirit is welcomed into my atmosphere when those words are released from my lips.

If you know me, you know that I have had a passion for writing since childhood. I would dream of publishing books. That dream has only grown as time goes on. I earned a Journalism degree in 2010. I am a published writer for many newspapers and magazines in East Texas. I won the TCTA Silver Apple Media Award for in-depth feature stories I wrote on education during my time as a journalist for County Life Magazine in Crockett, TX.  Four years ago I wrote a full manuscript. It was a testimonial- My Testimony. I sent it to several publishing companies and to my surprise was sent back a contract to publish it. After much prayer I did not have peace about publishing this piece of work. But this showed me that with hard work, determination and the Holy Spirit guiding me I have the patience and dedication to sit and write a full manuscript. It showed me to dream big, to allow God to dream for me. I say all of this to share my deep passion for writing. We should all use the passion and talent the Lord embedded into us while in the womb, for me that is making a difference by the words I write.
While navigating this new season in life- a life without my husband and father of my child- a life no one ever dreams of having to navigate- The Lord has pressed upon me to write again, to write from my heart, and soul. To share the revelations the Lord has brought to me while drawing closer to Him by reading His word and during prayer… To tell of Who He is. I will be doing that in this Blog and I have recently started writing a new manuscript- that God willing may be published one day.

I have had many people refer to my more recent ‘lengthy’ Facebook posts sharing my thoughts and deep revelations the Lord has brought me to- asking, why I am not posting them on my blog? So I went back through and have since added several blog posts that were originally written on my Facebook page.

Thank you for joining me on this Journey…

They say to ‘write what you know’…

What do I know? I know heartache. I know life at its darkest, most earth-shattering time. I know Redemption in the highest form. I know Love. An all-consuming earthly Love. I know an out of this world eternal Love.

This is what I know.

This is what I will write.

This is my story.

This is my transparent, raw, God Glorifying story.

I Trust my God, I Trust my God, I Trust my God…

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